Pictures shown in auctions are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from the actual appearance. Gift cards are provided only as a code and will not be sent as a physical item.

Limited to Specific Individuals Disclaimer

The number of participants allowed for a travel event is specified in the auction description, and in the ‘Details’ and ‘Includes’ sections. Typically, participants include the awardee and a single guest.  Any additional individuals invited to travel as a result of an awarded auction will be at the individual’s expense, which includes, but may not be limited to, the cost of travel, hotel accommodations, meals and other miscellaneous expenses incurred. The additional individual would not be eligible to participate in the specific event associated with the travel auction. DubLi.com will not be financially responsible for any additional costs not associated with the allowed participants per the auction details. DubLi.com is not responsible for the coordination of transportation including, but not limited to, flights, cars, taxis, boats or any other means of transportation for the additional individual invited by an awardee. 

Any travel auction worthy of media attention will be the determination of DubLi.com. In the event that an awardee or an awardee’s guest invites media to an event, access to the event may be prohibited unless prior approval by DubLi.com is obtained at least two (2) days before the event.  

Age Disclaimer

DubLi.com travel auctions are intended for the use of individuals over the age of 18, or legally considered adult, as some travel auctions include events that may be harmful or a danger to children.  

Conduct Disclaimer

DubLi.com reserves the right to restrict access to any awardee and guest if they are found behaving in an inappropriate manner that may result in a dangerous, compromising or otherwise undesirable environment for themselves or others.